About E-Number Scanner

E-Number Scanner is a mobile app for Android and iOS that recognizes E-numbers from food label photos.

E-numbers are codes for food additives used in the European Union. They are not human readable, and some of them stand for dangerous chemicals. To address this problem, I created E-Number Scanner.


E-Number Scanner can recognize E-numbers from food labels by just photographing them. This means it is easy, convenient and simple to use. It also has a manual search option which can search for additive names as well as their E-numbers, and a complete list of all E-numbers and some information about them.

E-Number Scanner can, however, do more than just scan E-numbers. It also gives you a health rating for all scanned E-numbers, as well as a complete assessment of the whole product.

You can find out more about the app on the Google Play and App Store pages (note that on Google Play the app is still called by its legacy name, Health Advisor Beta).

The app participated in the 2019 Croatian national IT competition in the high school software development category, and scored 3rd place. It also scored 1st place at the regional 2019 Inova Mladih fair in the software development category.

If you encounter any problems with the app, refer to the Support Page.